Saturday, July 2, 2016

A visit from home!

On June 12 both our daughters arrived in Ghana to spend the next 9 days with us! What fun we had and some very unique experiences! We had a little of everything. It was a special time to spend with them.We started at Cape Coast where we visited Elmina castle, one used for slave trade, we stayed a night at Coconut grove beach resort and enjoyed riding horses on the beach, drove to Kakum national park and did the canopy walk....a rope bridge above the treeline, we petted crocodiles at a reserve, drove to Kumasi and enjoyed the market place, a kente village, the cultural center and even a missionary zone conference. We headed north and went to a monkey village, Kintempo falls and finally to Mole national park for a little safari. Our highlights including seeing elephants up close and personal! I will post a few highlight pictures.
Elmina castle in Cape coast, Ghana
horseback riding and swimming on the beach
canopy walk Kakum national park
petting crocodiles at Hans Botel
Anna was our gutsy one. She would try the whole fish!
we visited a kente village and the girls tried their hand at making the cloth. They also brought school supplies and we visited a little neighborhood school.
Visiting the monkey village was a lot of fun
we had fun climbing a ficus tree
Playing at Kintempo falls
visiting a missionary apartment
our safari vehicle
We had so much fun watching the elephants. The last elephant picture was taken from our swimming pool looking down as they walked out of their swimming hole. We took it through some binoculars
The day the girls left we visited the Accra temple and also the gulf of Guinea. It was sad to say goodbye but we have wonderful memories!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

weddings and celebrations.

Time flies. It has been a month since we posted. We attended a preschool program that was complete with older African Dancers. We also went to a wedding reception. The bride and groom were beautiful in their kente material clothes. They don't wear white here. We also went to a rehabilitation center where our church has helped with buying some grinders for corn so they can earn some money. They were building a wall around their little building. The residents helped by carting sand for the cement walls in their little wash buckets....will post pictures along the way
We went on a hike in a little town called Mpreaso. It is overlooking the town of Nkawkaw!
Lynn doing "step aerobics" with new missionaries!
A busy day. 10 people were baptized at once :-)
we celebrated Lynn's 68th birthday and Sister Halladay's birthday at a nice restaurant
OK, this isn't always the case with the roads. This was a little scary. We saw a taxi drive over it so we did too. I got out to direct Lynn on the board and of course take pictures!
the rehabilitation center residents haelping haul sand with their wash buckets to build a wall; text-align: center;">
Our neighbors making fufu. The cook the casava root then pound it with the stick while the other person or "driver" scoops it back and forth
This is a 79 year old man and his grandfather who is supposed to be 129! He is definitely the oldest person I have ever met. He actually walked to church with the help of his cane!
We visited another school. These are younger preschool-kindergarten aged children
This is a popular recess activity rolling tires!
we visited an orphanage. They told us adoptions are currently halted because the government cannot guarantee the safety of the children once they are adopted out.
This is how they make bricks for building. The mix cement and sand and pound it down in this little machine and pop it out and set it out to dry
preschool graduation!
African drummers and dancer
Bride and groom

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Scenery of Ghana

When we arrived in November it was during the harmattan. That is a dry season where the winds of the Sahara dessert blow across the skiies for about 3-4 months. Finally the rainy season started. It is much prettier. Everything has turned green and the trees blossomed. When it rains the temperatures cool down to a more comfortable level. We love to hear the rain come....coming from Washington, that is a switch! At home we relished the sunshine, in Ghana we look for shade! :-) We drove to a lake about an hour from here. It was a beautiful volcano lake. We also were taught about the cocoa pod tree and tasted a cocoa pod.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Making bread

Down the road from us about a mile is a lady named Reggie. Her husband was a doctor but has passed away. She has an oven behind her home where she and her helpers make bread twice a week. They make the dough one day. Then about 2:30AM they build a fire in the oven and get it hot. About 6AM they remove the fire and put in the bread to bake. At 9:00 they bag it and send it to market stores to sell. I like to go over in the mornings and get a fresh loaf
of baked bread. It is really quite good.